Task PosEns

The PosEns is a post-processing task and must be executed once an ensemble run has been performed previously. The task merges individual member outputs from a previous ensemble run, computes deterministic and probabilistic variables and produces a single output file name.ens.nc in netCDF format. The required ensemble outputs are specified in the ENSEMBLE_POST block and include ensemble mean, median or user-defined percentiles.


  • Only supported in parallel mode
  • This task is available since the code version 8.1.

Input file

This task requires a single input file, i.e. the namelist file name.inp.

Output files

LOG file

The LOG file name.PosEns.log is an ASCII file where the status of the task is reported.

Result file

The result file name.ens.nc contains multiple ensemble outputs as specified by the block ENSEMBLE_POST.