Runs the FALL3D solver

Input files

This task requires the namelist file name.inp and the files:

  • name.grn, the granulometry file created by the SetSrc task. It specifies the relative fractions and properties of each bin, including which bins are effective
  • name.src, the emission source file created by the SetSrc task. It specifies the mass flow rate released at source points (e.g. the eruptive column)
  • name.dbs.nc, meteo database file in netCDF format created by the SetDbs task. It includes the meteorological variables interpolated to the computational grid
  • name.pts (optional), this file specifies a list of tracking points where the time series of relevant variables (e.g., surface PM10 concentration) will be output

Output files

LOG file

The LOG file name.Fall3d.log is an ASCII file where critical information about the simulation run is stored. The contents of this file include:

  • FALL3D copyright
  • Code version
  • Number of processors
  • Starting time of the simulation
  • Input and output files
  • Time range and grid of the meteorological database
  • FALL3D input data (e.g., time range, numerical parameters, output options, etc)
  • Memory requirements
  • Source terms features
  • Particle classes
  • Atmospheric properties, horizontal, and vertical diffusion
  • Terminal velocities
  • Main parameters of the gravity current model
  • Updates about the simulation such as iteration number, critical time step, elapsed time, current simulation time, and a mass balance for the total mass (inside and ouside the computational domain) and the erupted mass
  • Warnings and error

Result file

The result file name.res.nc, written in netCDF format, contains the following output variables (for each species):

  • bin properties (diameter, density, and sphericity)
  • Topography
  • Ground load and, if specified in the control input file, class ground load
  • Wet deposition and, if specified in the control input file, class wet deposition
  • Deposit thickness
  • Total and PMxx (xx = 5, 10, 20) concentration at ground level
  • Total and PMxx (xx = 5, 10, 20) column mas load (vertical integration of concentration)
  • Concentration at different flight levels
  • Total and class concentration at all model layers (if specified in the control input file only)

The output variables are defined by the block MODEL_OUTPUT of the namelist file.

Restart file

The restart file name.rst.nc, written in netCDF format, can be used to start a new run from the end of a previous simulation. This file is automatically generated by FALL3D at specified times as specified in the block MODEL_OUTPUT. A run is initialized with the data stored in the restart file name.rst.nc when restart is enabled in the block TIME_UTC using RESTART = YES.