This block defines variables related to date and time. It is used by FALL3D, SetDbs, and SetSrc tasks

  1. YEAR = (integer)
    • Year of the starting date
  2. MONTH = (integer)
    • Month of the starting date
  3. DAY = (integer)
    • Day of the starting date
  4. RUN_START_(HOURS_AFTER_00) = (float)
    • Starting time in hours after 00:00 UTC of the starting day
  5. RUN_END_(HOURS_AFTER_00) = (float)
    • End time in hours after 00:00 UTC of the starting day
    • Note: Runs can continue even after the source term has been switched off (e.g., when the eruption has stopped)
  6. INITIAL_CONDITION = (options)
    • Type of initial concentration field
    • Input options:
      • NONE: Initial concentration is zero
      • INSERTION: Initial concentration from an input file
      • RESTART: Initial concentration from a previous run
  7. RESTART_FILE = (string)
    • Path to the restart file
    • Note: Only used if INITIAL_CONDITION = RESTART
    • Root path for RESTART_FILE
    • Optional
    • Note: Used for ensemble runs when multiple restart files are available (RESTART_ENSEMBLE_BASEPATH/0001/RESTART_FILE...). If not provided a single restart file is used for the ensemble (RESTART_FILE)