Example test case

The FALL3D distribution includes multiple test cases (benchmark suite) that can be downloaded from the central repository. These cases are used to check the model configuration and installation rather than to perform an accurate simulations for event reconstruction.

Let's run the example case from the Example folder. First, enter the folder and use the wget command to download the input meteorological file required by FALL3D:

> cd Example
> wget https://gitlab.com/fall3d-distribution/testsuite/-/raw/master/example-8.0/InputFiles/example-8.0.wrf.nc

You can execute FALL3D in serial mode using the input file Example.inp with the following command:

> ../bin/Fall3d.x Example.inp All


  • Depending on your installation the executable file name Fall3d.x can be different
  • More input files for testing can be downloaded from the Benchmark suite repository

Checking the results

If the run was successful, you should obtain a log file Example.Fall3d.log with the end message:

  Number of warnings : 0
  Number of errors   : 0
  Task FALL3D        : ends NORMALLY

The results of the simulation are stored in the output netCDF file Example.res.nc. For a quick view of the output file, you can use the ncview tool (available here) to graphically display netCDF files:

> ncview Example.res.nc